Swipe It: Bible Quiz: Test Your Bible Knowledge!

Project Description


A fun and easy way to deepen your knowledge of God while having fun with friends and family. Easy to medium to hard, we have Bible questions that cover a wide range of topics, people, and difficulty levels.

Download the app and get started for free.

EASY TO USE – Hit ‘Play’ and start answering Bible questions.

BIBLICALLY BASED – Our questions are taken directly from the Bible. And the answers are tied back to specific Bible verses.

MEMORIZE BIBLES VERSES – Many of our questions are designed to help you memorize key Bible scriptures.

AGES 5+ – The challenges are designed for ages 5 – Adult. They are simple and fun. Arranged by question difficulty.

MOBILE – Take Swipe It with you wherever you go. Play it at home, at a park, at a coffee shop, or wherever.