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Wow, week 1 is in the books for my Couch to Fight journey. And I’m very happy it is. It’s been harder than anticipated, but I think I found a good rhythm.


I started this journey at 200.6lbs, one week ago. Today I weighed in at 190.1lbs. 10.5lbs gone.

I’m happy with this progress. I thought I’d lose between 5-7lbs. 10.5lbs exceeded expectations.


I feel good. The first couple days I was battling a cold, but pushed through it.

I’ve also felt great physically. A friend turned me onto a supplement called Colostrum. More about that later. But it is usuppose to help with recovery, and I think it has.


It’s been a bit of the good/bad/ugly back at the gym.

The Good – It’s good just to get to the gym. In this first week I’ve managed to get to seven different classes from kickboxing to striking to grappling to BJJ.

The Bad – Day 3 was tough, more mentally than physically. I had my ‘why am I doing this moment?’. After some soul-searching (and talking to my therapist) we came to the conclusion that is a bit of a new project launch hangover, but also some pride issues I had to deal with. I had to admit that I have alot to learn, and it’s going to be hard. But, baby steps, right?

The Ugly – My shins. They are pretty bruised but need to bruise to get stronger. Should be getting stronger in the next few weeks.

Bruised Shins

Lessons Learned

  1. It’s much easier to talk about going on a journey than actually doing it. The hard work is in doing.
  2. Find a trainer you trust. I have that, I’d be scared out of my mind if I didn’t.
  3. Telling others adds layers of accountability to something. The more people I tell about this the more people I feel I’ll let down if it doesn’t happen.
  4. A supportive spouse can mean a world of difference.
  5. Bring your kids/family along for the journey. My kids ask me what I learned (and show them the moves I’ve learned). They also are curious about the diet and even call me out when I eat something I shouldn’t.

Well, week 2 kicks off today. Should be good. Thanks for journeying with me!