My 5 Questions on Go … or No Go With Projects

I’ve been working with my business/life coach for three months. It’s been a game changer for my business.
This week we talked (and created) a filter on what I say yes, and what I say no, to.

Each of these questions has to be a yes, or green light, to proceed.

I must state that my goal with my coach is to get to a passive income stream. These questions may be different for you.

Questions for Mike (ask about any new project/idea)

  1. Is this going to get me to $10k/month (which is my passive income goal)?
  2. Does this build on something I already do/own?
  3. Does this strengthen my marriage or family?
  4. Does this give me freedom? What is the time commitment?
  5. Does this motivate me (motivational booster)?

All 5 must be yes to get a green light.

About the Author:

Mike loves his family and he loves his gadgets. This site is his journey exploring the intersection of parenting and tech. By day you'll find him on the trails of Colorado. Moutain biking, hiking, fishing.