We take a lot of road trips. We also have young children. That is a great recipe for disaster. But … we have a great way to make it MUCH easier … audio stories!!!

Buying audio books is an option, could be expensive, but I have five free better ones. Here they are:

Sparkle StoriesSparkle Stories

A safe place for your child to listen & learn.
Sparkle Stories are simple, delightful and filled with a sense of wonder. They inspire children to play, to marvel, to laugh, and to be kind. You’ll never need to worry about inappropriate content – as we craft each of our stories to be perfect for young ears.

Listen to Sparkle Stories


Stories PodcastStories Podcast

The Stories Podcast was created to provide family-friendly content to families on the go, Always free, the podcast is a great way to entertain kids on the go and limit screen time while encouraging imaginations.

Listen to Stories Podcast



Spotify - Kids Stories

Spotify – Disney and More Playlist

Many famous Disney Stories and many more (including Aesop’s Fables).

Listen to the Disney Stories Playlist




There are more. We use our local library to download many, Audible.com has a great selection. But, these are my top three.