For the past five years I’ve been selecting a few focus words each year. It helps keep me on track. Yes I still have bigger/longer drawn out goals, but these words help steer the ship.

This year I ended up with four words. Here they are:

  1. Spirituality – I start seminary this year. Even kind of crazy to type that out. I’m pursuing a master’s degree in Youth and Family Studies. I plan on using this to help with my work at Parenting Academy. I want to use these classes to help create parenting courses. I chose this word not just because of seminary but it’s also something I want to focus on. My daily Bible study time, my community group at church, my men’s Bible study. I want to dive more into the Word and learn, apply, and teach.
  2. Simplify – About six months ago I read the book The Art of Tidying Up and it lit a fire in me. We got rid of a ton of stuff (sold/donated). It felt great to downsize a bit. I want to continue that theme this year by:
    1. Buying less.
    2. Using what I have.
    3. Passing this skill to my children. How can they be resourceful with what they have?
    4. My Businesses
      1. I have a lot of websites/apps/courses. In 2017 I plan to either (1) Shut it down (2) Combine it with another resource. My focus has been a bit, well, unfocused. Do I work on my apps today? My books? My websites? This led to analysis paralysis. Time to focus.
  3. Sobriety – Drink less, if any, this year. I’m not going to argue whether you should or shouldn’t drink. For me it’s a shouldn’t and the facts are pretty obvious in my own life. When I don’t drink I:
    1. Sleep better
    2. Sleep less
    3. More productive
    4. More focused
    5. Friendlier
      So not drinking seems like a “no-brainer” in my life.
  4. Health – I’ve been on a health kick since Sept 1st. If you follow my blog you’ll see my Couch to Fight journey. I’m going to continue that with
    And I’m not just talking about physical health. I’m talking about healthy marriage, healthy kids, healthy vocation, healthy friendships, healthy family member relationships. I want everyone, every circumstance to be healthy in my life. That will mean saying no to some opportunities, but that’s ok. I like what Derek Siver’s says ‘everything is either a no, or a hell yeah‘. I want to use that as my measuring stick for decisions in 2017.

These four words will be my focus for 2017. I’ll expand on each a bit more. My plans on how to incorporate those into my life, what’s working, what’s not working. Stay tuned.